iPad Air Plus Release Date

As we all know the next new thing of Apple is said to be bigger than iPad, And it is said that it will be named as iPad Air Plus , and we are expecting it to be of  12.2 inches, an Apple A9 processor, and a shipping date of either April or June 2015. The report comes from Japanese magazine Mac Fun, and was posted online by Macotakara:


According to Mac Fan’s report, iPad Air Plus will be 305.31 x 220.8 x 7mm in size,and be powered with A9 processor, and be shipped between April to June 2015. And, iPad Air Plus will have four built in speakers on each edge of case, in order to play stereo sound, even if iPad rotated.


iPad Air Plus Release Date

The idea of a bigger tablet sounds crazy, just imagine holding a 12.2 inch tablet in your hands and with the processor of Apple and that which is expected to be installed in it is A9 and graphics quality of iPads, this sounds amazing, If its true its going to be great in the market of Tablets, Like iPhone 6 plus, this iPad Air plus is surely going to catch the market, but the problem might be its price, As its going to be quite expensive keeping the price rate of Apple in mind.

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According to the report iPad Air plus release date will be in mid of 2015.


The magizine also claims that New iPad mini will also be coming up next year with Apple A8X processor, and will replace both the iPad mini and iPad mini 2.

You guys might have idea that Mac Fan always have been a source of accurate information, But nothing is yet official from Apple so we cant have out say yet, its just rumours and it should be treated like entertainment than news.

Source: Macotakara

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