HTC Nexus 9 Potential Flaws

With the release of Nexus 9 to general people many people have came up with different issues that they are facing with HTC’s developed tablet,Last tablet developed by HTC was in 2011 which was not a big hit, After that HTC restrained from releasing tablets.
But recently HTC with the collaboration of Google and Nexus came up with a high end tablet with quite an expensive price tag.


But there are some potential flaws that were not liked by the users, One of them as reported by the nexus users is that the power button and the volume button are very close to each each other so its is difficult to differentiate between them, the issue was raised in the organisation and it looks like HTC have done something regarding it as a Reddit user shared a photo of his old Nexus 9 on top of his new Nexus 9, showing the more recently manufactured device has bulged out power and volume buttons.

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One other issue that was reported by the users is backlight bleeding in which lights of display are visible from the corners of display screen, but we can say that this can be flaw of LCD screen and it doesnot looks like an issue with HTC’s design

Users also report, “flexing” of the back panel, Users have reported that while pressing the backside of tablet, It makes noise, Although HTC has not given importance to this matter yet, Most of these issues have been reported in those models of Nexus 9 that were shipped in October.


After inspecting a Nexus 9 model, To me the shallow buttons doesn’t make much difference where as the flexing of back panel was flexing a bit although while checking out the backlight bleeding we didn’t find much of an issue with that, All in all, all the flaws that have been reported till now doesn’t cause much of a problem for HTC or Nexus.

The main problem was the releasing of iPad Air 2 which is giving tough competition to Nexus 9 in the market, If you want to go for Android and the ability personalize whatever you feel like Nexus 9 is the tablet to go for. There is not a single Android tablet in the market yet that can come close to Nexus 9 in specs and Hardware Although the design has some potential flaws which were discussed above.

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