Play Hidden Game on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop was a most awaited one OS and no doubt it was worth waiting. It let you get the whole amazing UI and it’s pretty amazing. Other than that the battery time is really improved. There are some handy features in this OS like you can pin any application, or use Smart lock or use priority mode to filter your notifications. There is something I would like to share with you if you are using Lollipop OS right now.

As we already know Google really love to some type of Easter egg and you can find them on every single OS. Who could have thought that this time they will surprise the Android enthusiasts with the hidden game inside Lollipop 5.0 OS? Do you know about a game, a most addicting one? Yes I am talking about Flappy Birds, that game get so much popularity and people use to hate that game and you know why? Because, that game was extremely addicting. The developer of that game really feel guilty about the fact that people were playing that game all day and night with even knowing that they have lot of work to do, so he pull out the Flappy Birds game.
Afterwards he releases Swing Copters which is also quite difficult to play but still no game can beat the simplest pixelate game Flappy Birds. There are many versions of that game available on Google Play Store, but the fun that Flappy Birds once offered us will never come back. Just like that Google hide a copy of a game Flappy Bird inside Lollipop 5.0. Sounds amazing right?


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Now play a Flappy Bird version in an Android Lollipop mode. You have better looks, better graphics and of course, this time you have to Flap Android buddy. You have to get pass through some lollipops. This game is more difficult than original Flappy Bird, I created the 500+ high score in Flappy Birds but alas I was barely able to score 6 in this game. If you have played Flappy Bird before, then challenge yourself and other buddies who are using Android’s latest software.

To play this game on your Android 5.0 Lollipop, just go to Settings>About Device, locate your Android Software version and start tapping it. Now you will see lollipop on your screen. Now start tapping the screen, you will see lollipop changing colors, long press the screen and bingo, now you are playing Flappy Bird game in a Lollipop mode. Enjoy playing it and please don’t get too attach to it. I was only able to score 6 in this game, what about you? share your review about this game and let us know how much score you were able to make in this game.

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