Why you Should Encrypt Android Phone, Its Pros and Cons

Your smartphone  has all your private data, You cant leave your laptop or Smartphone unlocked in public, So why would you leave your phone unprotected, Lock your data and take care of it through Encryption.

All your social media profiles, Pictures and files are the things you dont want to share with people, Yet for some reason people dont ant to put password or security on their smartphones, its not right because a pin code or pattern can save your personal data from thieves.The problem is not if someone finds your phone and erases all your data, the problem is he will have access to your email he will know all the details of your vacations plans and your emails, When you leave your home and details of your bank account and every possible thing that is connected with your emails or credit card.


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If you need security higher that the usual security of smartphone, there are number of ways the best way is to encrypt your data and your whole device. It means that very time you power your phone on, you will need either a numeric pin or password to decrypt the device. An encrypted device is far more secure than an encrypted one. When encrypted, the only way to get into the phone is with the encryption key. That means your data is going to be safe, should you lose your phone.

Pros and cons of Encryption

Encryption has its positive points as well as negative points, Following are the pros and cons of Encryption that I have compiled from the users of android all over the world. Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices are automatically encrypted on first use. If you’re using a Nexus 4, 5, 7, or 10, your device will keep its encryption settings when you update to Android 5.0, but I have heard that  Google is going to allow us to turn off Encryption in the next update.


  • The upside is better protection for you if you loose your phone, Your data will be protected, no on e can use it for unwanted purposes, Or if your phone gets stolen, your pictures and personal data will be wiped, And your phone will not give access to the files to anyone except you.
  • The downside, maybe, The phone that is encrypted gets slower, Although many say it doesn’t effects much.
  • Performance: The performance of your device will take a slight hit. Because of that, I do not recommend encrypting older or slower devices. The Moto X is a solid candidate for encryption.
  • One way: The encryption process is one way. Once encrypted, you cannot undo this. The only way to disable encryption is via factory reset.
  • Time involved: The encryption process takes about an hour (or longer, depending upon how much data you have), so you’ll need a fully-charged device or have that device plugged in. Also, make sure you have plenty of time to start and finish

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