How to Enhance Google Search Speed on Android

After some time you might have noticed that the Android operating system slows down a bit and factory restore is required to bring it back to its orignal speed, that is mostly because of cache memory and other files that are stored in the system over period of time, and they start increasing the response time of operating system.

Today we are going to talk about the How to Enhance Google search speed on Android app, With time you might have noticed that app for google search on Android starts taking time to display the results, that is because of Google search app works on customization and with respect to your country and region and alot of data starts getting stored in it with time


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If you have also noticed lag in Google search app on your device than you might to use the below fix that will Enhance Google search speed

How to Enhance Google Search Speed on Android

After looking into this problem that many of Android users face, I did some research and found that the main reason that causes this lag is Search Application Provider, And you need to disable it.


  • In order to Disable this app all you have to do is to go to Setting> Apps > All > Search Applications Provider,
  • Now Disable it.
  • Now go to Google Search App
  • Delete all the Files and Cache memory

So thats it, I hope this guide or more like a trick will help you to enhance Google search speed on Android, If you still have this problem or you have found some other solution, Do share with us in the comments, your feedback will be appreciated.

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