How to add Speed-Dial in iPhone’s Notification Center in iOS 8

After the release of iOS 8 you might have notices that its quite easy to access your favorite contacts, The best way to access them is though the multitask screen, when you double press the home button, you will see all the contacts you have accessed recently or most frequently.

If you don’t like pressing the home button again and again like most of the users, then there is a widget that is recently released which will allow you to add your favorite contacts in your notification center, So when ever you need you can speed dial those numbers.

The name of the Widget is Swipe Dial and it allows you to add the your favorite contacts in the notification center so that they can be accessed easily, with this app you can access those number from anywhere in the iOS, All you have to do is to pull down the notification screen and your favorite contacts will b appearing there then you can call them,text them or whatever you want.

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Add Favorite Contacts

You can download the Swipe dial directly from the  iTunes link, Also note that its a freemium app,So you can add only three favorite contacts for free, In order to add more than 3 contacts you will have to buy the premium version that costs 0.99$

Follow the below steps to add the Favorite contact.


  • Tap on Add Contact at the bottom right corner
  • choose the contact you want to add to your favorite contacts.
  • If there is more than one phone number in a contact, then you will be asked to select one of them.
  • It automatically adds the label such as work, mobile, main. To re-order your favorites, tap on Edit, and drag each contact into the order you want just like you would do in the Contacts app.
  • Add Widget to Notification Center

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Widget, And you have already added your contacts,then it comes to turn the widget on, So that your favorite contacts are visible in the notification tab, To enable a widget, Just slide down your notification screen, there you will see “Edit” written on the bottom of the screen, Tap on it, it will show you all the available widgets, enable the one you want to see on your notification screen.


Making Calls to your Favorite Contacts

After enabling the widget, all you have to do to make call to your favorite contacts is, First you have to Pull down your notification tab, there you will see your favourite contacts, Select the one you want to make call to. if your screen is locked, iOS will ask you for your passcode or touch ID

There is one thing worth your notice, Till now you cant use this widget to Facetime or text to your contacts, As the name indicates its just for speed dailing, We cant say if the developer plan to add other features to this widget.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, Then you can download and install Favorite Contacts Jalbreak Tweak, Although its not yet available with iOS 8 but it gives you options to text or facetime with your favorite contacts. I hope you liked this widget, As widgets are new on iOS, if you know some cool widgets, Do let us know in the comments.

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