How to Amplify and Increase your Mac’s volume with Boom 2

If you think the speaker volume of your Mac isint good enough for you and you want to increase it, There is an app that can help you amplify the song and increase the volume of it, although the sound and quality of the music remains the same, Its a great app thats worth a try, It can also be helpful if you have to use your Mac in a crowded place or somewhere out where you need sound in loud volume.


How to Amplify and Increase your Mac’s volume with Boom 2

First of all you have to Install this app on your Mac, Its a Paid app and it costs $14.99 but you can also get the free version of it thats for limited time its basically trail version for 14 days, then you will have to buy the app in order to use it on your Mac.

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  • After downloading , click on boom2.dmg and mount it.
  • Now you will see a window like this that pops up. Drag the Boom app icon to the Applications folder.
  • Now open Boom 2 it will be in your apps folder.
  • Install it. Enter your Mac’s password to allow the installation to proceed.
  • Next, click on the Calibrate button to calibrate your Mac’s audio.
  • Once the calibration is over, click on the Start Booming button.
  • Firstly you will see equaliser but you can move directly yo the amplifier by closing the equaliser.


  • Now you will see the Boom volume bar.
  • Taking it to the top will increase your volume, It will be alot more than the usual Maximum volume


This app “Boom” has a very interactive and good user interface and its acually amplifies your audio to a great level, Boom also offers number of great services that can be used like editing audio files to amplify its sound levels, and setting equalizer for all audio playing on your speakers.

Download link:

Boom 2 – Free trial/$14.99

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