How to use the iPhone 6 Plus one-handed with Reachability

The  iPhone 6 Plus is bigger than average smartphone and big screen are a problem if you want to use it with one hand, this problem is very common in iPhone 6 plus, thats why Apple has came up with a new feature named as reachibility, that will solve all the problem of using iPhone 6 plus with one hand.


What is Reachability?

Reachability can be used in every app of iPhone 6 plus, its sole purpose is to reach all over the screen using one hand, other wise its not possible for you to do your task on iPhone 6 plus witg just one hand< If you have your hands on iPhone 6 plus, you would know that the navigation keys are hard to reach using one hand on iPhone 6 plus.

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How to use Reachability on the iPhone 6 Plus

Following are the easy steps to use reachibility on your iPhone 6 plus.

  • Double tap, not press, the Home button when you’re on a screen you’d like to use Reachability with.
  • The screen will lower in order to allow you to reach buttons and objects towards the top.
  • When you would like to screen to return to normal, either tap the Home button twice again
  • Reachability will reset itself after a few seconds if you don’t touch anything.


Thats it, Do try this feature and let us know hoe you you like it, Whenever you would  like to use Reachability again, follow the same process. If you have already been using Reachability, how has it been working for you? Do you feel like it helps with one-handed use, particularly for iPhone 6 Plus owners? Do you still feel awkward using it one handed or does Reachability ease the transition to a larger device?

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