How to Download Skype in UAE on Windows PC, MAC and Android

As you might know, The government of UAE has blocked Skype, Mostly in Dubai and Sharjah you can not download Skype from their server, Although once its Installed, you can Use Skype on your Android Smartphone, Windows PC or MAC.

Although the government has blocked Skype, But its only limited to some internet service provides, but you cant download it from their official website from any ISP.

If you have Skype and you cant use it, Its because of your Internet service provider has blocked it, You can still use VPN to make calls through Skype, But the quality through VPN is very low, If you live any where in UAE you cant download the Skype, the government has blocked downloading Skype though its website, but in the Below guide I will Guide you how can you Download  and use Skype in UAE

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Download Skype-How to-UAE-Windows PC-MAC-Android

Skype is used worldwide for free calls between individuals and it is also used in between companies, After the evolution of Skype many cellular companies are worried about their potential business as Skype provide free of charge calls and you can call for hours and send free text messages over the boundaries of the countries. Skype was bought by Microsoft some time back and it is free to download on every platform either its Windows PC,Mac,Android or iOS

In the Post below, You will find APK of Skype that can be used to download and Install Skype on your Android Device, Other than that , You will also find the Setup of Skype that can be used to Download Skype for Windows PC and MACs.

Download Skype For MAC in UAE

Download Skype-How to-UAE-Windows PC-MAC-Android

In order to use Skype on your MAC you will have to have MAX OS X 10.5.8 or above.

Download the File Below and run it on your MAC, It will Install and then you can use Skype to make unlimited calls all over the world.

Download: Skype for Mac

Download Skype For Windows PC in UAE

To use Skype on your Windows PC in UAE you will have to have windows XP, Vista windows 7,8,8.1 then you can download and install the Skype.

Download: Skype for Windows PC

Download the file from above and Install it on your Windows PC and you are good to go.

Download Skype-How to-UAE-Windows PC-MAC-Android

Download Skype For Android in UAE

Following are the steps that will allows you to download and use Skype on your Android Smartphone or Tablet if you cant directly download it from Google Play store and you Live in UAE:

  • First of All Download the Skype APK file on your Smartphone from the Link Below

Download Skype APK File

  • Now you will have allow your device to download and install apps from outside Google Play Store.
  • Go to Setting on your Android Phone, Then Proceed to Security and Enable Unknown Sources
  • Now find the APK file of Skype that you Just downloaded, It will be in the Folder in which all your downloaded stuff like songs and pictures are present
  • Select the File and Open it
  • App will ask for permission, Accept the permissions
  • Download will Start

Thats all, I hope the above Guide was helpful for you to Download and use Skype in UAE, If you still have problem regarding downloading it, do let me know in the comments.


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