Smartphone Deals on Christmas in USA

As the Christmas is near, you might have seen deals on almost every device and stuff in the market, Even the latest smartphone are being offered in Cut off rate due to Christmas, If you are looking for some good smartphones which are released recently and you want to gift it to someone or buy for yourself, then you must check out the following Christmas deals, You can get great smartphones like iPhone 6 or Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy S5 in deducted prices.

Smartphone Deals on Christmas in USA


Samsung Galaxy S5 for $79

If you live in USA, then the cest place to buy smartphones on deducted prices is Walmart,

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Walmart is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 for just $79, with it you will have to subscribe with AT&t Sprint or Verizon with two years of contract, You can get the Samsung S5 in the above price from every retail store of Walmart all over USA and this offer is valid till December 25th, So hurry up if you want to avail it.

If you buy smartphone from Walmart it will save you $60 as the original price of Samsung galaxy S5 is $139 in Walmart store. other than Walmart you can buy Samsung S5 with 2 years subscribing for $199, And if you want to buy a factory unlocked variant it costs $520

Apple iPhone 6 Plus for $229

If you like iPhones more, then you should check out this deal, Walmart is offering the latest iPhone 6 plus for just $229, with contract of AT&T sprint or Verizon, thats $50 cheaper than the price given by the Apple on its retails stores.

You can buy the 5.7 inch Apple iPhone 6 of 16 GB at $129, Its original price at Apple retail store is $179, if you are thinking to buy an iPhone, this is the time to get it., There is also a deal that allows you to buy iPhone 6 64GB for just $229  although its original price is $279.

Walmart is also offering  iPhone 5s for Just $49, It will be carried locked to AT&T Verizon or Sprint.

Keep in mind that all the above deals are only available from all the retails physical outlets of Walmart, All over USA.

You dont want to miss these deals if you are looking to buy smartphone for yourself, Or you want to gift it to someone on Christmas or New Year. You can save alot of money if you go for the above Christmas deals.

The above deals are applicable on purchases made only within physical retail stores of Walmart.

In addition to the above deals,

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