Download Fun Run 2 for PC (Windows 7, 8 and Mac)

If the player is looking for some fun online with friends,then it’s the perfect app solution and caters effectively to all such needs of the users . The app offers a variety of animal characters to be played with and each character is customizable to a certain extent which makes the app more fun and exciting to play. The game also offers some killings, blood and gore which is characteristic of modern games. The game is an arcade style classic racing game and some modifications in the play just adds a cherry on the top to the user’s playing experience. Players during the play gets exciting power ups like the cutter with which players can throw a cutter slicing and dicing all the opponents in its path. The rocket power up boosts up your speed to a certain extent when used but also bursts up after a certain time limit blowing your character as well as the nearby opponents. Also there exists a lightning power up by which you can fry your opponents in a jiffy.  Some more power ups are available making the whole experience of the game quite supernal.

Running and jumping through all the meadows, the hills and slopes the players have to take the lead on their opponents and cross the finishing line as the winning player. Your character can be killed several times by your opponents by their different tactics and power ups but the character respawns in the blink of an eye, injured but ready to race all again in high spirits. To counter this, some defences are also available in the game like the shield which when activated protects the player for a specific amount of time against all the traps and power ups. On other defence by the name of balloon is also available which protects a player one time from an injury. Players can practise in offline modes but the actual game is only available in the internet where different modes such as the quick race and the friends mode where you can play with friends is only available online.


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The game offers some good graphics and some effective sound quality which is an additive treat for the user. A vast list of exciting characters like the bear,tiger,dragon,sheep and many others which are available in the game play. The game also offers different backgrounds and environments to play in which adheres the player’s interest to the game. The players also have to complete some daily challenges in order to get different rewards. Moreover the player can buy special merchandise for the character and can also connect and play the game via facebook.


With its immense pile of good features, the app also lacks in a few aspects like its only available in online play. The character merchandise could be improved by adding some more power ups and defences. The style is not much diverse and the environment is much repetitive.


Nonetheless the app is an exciting and elating experience for all the users who want to compete with friends in multiplayer mode in simple games, then this app is perfect for them for them to install and play.

Download Fun Run 2 for PC

  1. Download Fun Run 2 Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!
  4. That’s it. Enjoy.

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