Download Facebook Pages Manager Version 12 APK

It been some time that Facebook has made a separate app to manage the pages, If you run a page on facebook then this app is a must have, it gives you all the options that are required with the App, It makes managing Facebook pages more easier while using smartphone.

Most of us rarely use a laptop or PC for social network, we only turn them on when we have some work, nut if you run a page will alot of likes and you have to update it regularly after every few hours, logging in and turning on laptop after every few hours can be trouble some, this app is great it gives you all the options regarding facebook pages that you can get from the web platform of facebook.


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Facebook Pages manager has alot of features you can use an external link using this app,You can also share photos from other apps, save a draft of a post,Edit your comment, or ban some guy, You can also add new admin from the app,Now this app also supports uploading of videos directly from your tablet or smartphone to your page.

Download Facebook Pages Manager Version 12 APK

Following is the link to download and install Facebook pages manager APK file on your android tablet or smartphone:

Download Facebook Pages Manager version 12 APK

After downloading the file, Locate it in your download folder, Open the APK file, it will ask you for the permissions and after giving it the permissions the installation will start, after that just open the app and enter your facebook ID and password.

All APK files are safe and uploaded on our personal cloud storage, So you dont have to worry while downloading them. If you encounter any error or problem while downloading or installation, Let us know in the comments.

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