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Google play which is also famously known as the play store is actually the android market where the users of androids stuff their phones with different fascinating apps and different games which converts there devices into somewhat technology giants and fun to use at the same time. This app which is a digital platform is developed by google and from its date of release has been stormed by android users for all of their app needs. This app contains more than 1.3 million applications for the android users. Such as a massive number of applications aptly quenches the app thirst of the android user. Whether it be any game released for the android or a connectivity app like facebook, viber, whatsapp, tango and messenger, this one app effectively caters to all such needs of the android users.

Google play also serves as a digital media store where users can download different magazines, listen to their favourite music, reading books and watching television programs. The google play is not only an app store but is actually a banner where users can benefit with several different facilities under a single logo. The names which comes under this single banner are google play music, google play books, google play newsstand, google play movies and tv and google play games. However the major draw back is this that not all of the above services are available in all countries with few exceptions still google are trying hard to bridge this gap and will cover this flaw in near future. The apps installed from the play store are mostly free but there are some exclusive or premium versions which users have to buy in order to use them. Nonetheless hacked apk files are available to serve this purpose so its not much of a worry for the users. This massive app has single handedly defeated all the others as its downloads have reached 50 billion till august 2013.


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This app offers the most wide range of the android apps available whether it be the free one or the paid one. Plus the most worth noticing feature of this app is the wide range of digital programs it offers along with downloading different applications. All the apps which are made today any game any connectivity app or even the android software apps are registered to google play and is available on it.


The bad news is that this app also comes with some drawbacks. The other options available on this platform is only present for active use in some of the countries while rest of them can only get benefit from the app store which is also known as play store. But hoping that soon these other services would also be availed and enjoyed by the users of android throughout the world.


All and all this app can be considered as the most versatile platform the android has to offer. With its gigantic collection of apps and other different multimedia features like newsstand, music store, movies , magazines and books, this is a revelation created by the google. User friendly , this app is a must use for all the android users.

Download Google Play Store 5.1.11 Apk

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