Install Dragon City on Computer (Windows and Mac)

Everyone loves to watch dragons in movies soaring and diving through the sky. So all those who loved the dragons, this game provides them with the opportunity to raise their own dragons and compete with dragons from the around the globe. This game is an exciting RPG in which players start with a dragon breeder and ultimately becomes a dragon master. During this all fascinating journey, player is encountered by different challenges which makes it even more fun and addictive to play.

Player start their career with buying the terrain from the initial 2000 game coins given to the player then buying dragon eggs, then feeding and raising their dragon and buying and maintaining farms to grow food for their dragons. The game offers a wide range of dragons like flame dragon, Terra dragon, aqua dragon and many more. You can also breed your dragons and create hybrids which are more powerful and has a resistance to both styles of their parents. You can collect gold bricks from the terrains after regular intervals in order to grow foods for your dragons and buy new lands and other upgrades from the shop. This also increases your levels which gives you gems. The gems are used for certain purposes as for buying the dragons and also for the speeding up of certain processes like the hatching of the dragon eggs and the breeding. You can challenge and get prizes and upgrades by fighting with players around the globe. The game may seem simple but actually is a very technical one as you have to carefully place your dragons in the fight looking at the weakness of the element of your dragon like the flame dragon is weak against a fight with terra dragon and slightest attack from it would be more damaging rather than a strong attack from flame dragon which would be of little effect. The game offers some excellent graphics and sound quality and some breath taking environments and backgrounds.


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The game is a fun time for any user and once you start playing you would want to play more and more. Good graphics, nice music and interactive environment make up this game. It will be fun to play and you get to train and become a dragon master by putting your dragon against fight with other dragon breeders and trainers from around the globe. The game is an RPG yet it captivates the user entirely into its magic as the surroundings are really extravagant.


The only and the biggest flaw of the game is which might be a disappointment for most of the users that this is an exclusively online game and you get to have all the fun as long as there is internet around you. So hoping from the developers to also create an offline mode for their users to savor.


The game as a whole is really good and different concept and is first of its kind in the market. This may look a simple game at the start but it is guaranteed that once users start playing, they would never want to leave the game.

Download Dragon City on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Dragon City Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!
  4. That’s it. Enjoy.

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