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To all those who are fond of reading books, this is the choice. This application is useful for the book worms as well as the slight book lovers. There are many other book readers in the market but this app is one of its kind. It is more scintillating to use the app in your pc. This is the app which is perfectly designed for the book readers and users will enjoy a lot using it.

Speaking of its features, this application is unique in all its features and is actually a goodie bag with lots of surprises for book lovers packed inside it. Firstly this app connects the users to its own book store where famous books from around the world can be bought from the market. These include the classics, the best sellers and other fiction novels as well. The books in the market are arranged in different categories by the app for the convenience of the user so user can easily sort and buy and read the kind of book he want to. There is also a category by the name of all time favourites in which users can find famous books from renowned authors for free. In this category famous books like the Sherlock holmes series, a tale of two cities, the prophet and many many more famous titles are available and users can download and read them without any cost.

The downloading is also very convenient and users does not have to follow different links to download. All user have to do is just click on his favourite book and a moment later he will be enjoying reading the book. The text is also very subtle and easy to read even the person with a weak eye sight is aided by the text itself to read. Your downloaded books are arranged in different shelves like recently added, recently read etc. and one of the most worth noting feature of the app is that it separately keeps account of every single book you read. If you are simultaneously reading two or more books, it will show you the page number you were last reading on so it can be aptly said that this app efficiently provides separate bookmarks which will make users crave for this app.

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This app is full of plus points. The text is efficient and legible and large enough to aid the users with weak eye sight. The books are arranged in different shelves by the app and there are many automatic book marks which saves the user from the hassle of again finding and remembering the page which was user was reading previously. Books can be bought from the internet market and a flurry of worldwide famous titles are available for free. The books are available on a single  click to be downloaded.


No flaw can be found in the app even if one look it quite keenly, the only things user will find is sheer perfection.


This app is nonetheless a revelation for all those book lovers out there. It provides them with an opportunity to have all these books in their pocket and reading them anywhere they want without any hassle. This app is a must install.

Download Aldiko Book Reader on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Aldiko Book Reader Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and app will work!

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