Download FRONTLINE COMMANDO 2 for PC Windows and Mac

Sequel to the famous game front line commando, this game is undoubtedly when played, represents a graphic engine designed for a good use. The game frontline commando 2 is a third person arcade style shooting game in which the users have to complete different missions in the game.

The game offers some of the best graphics users will ever experience in a phone game and it is also available for installation on pc via blue stacks. There are different un lockable characters in the game such as medic which all have their different abilities in the field. This app also offers a stack of user’s favourite weapons to be used in the combat. These include heavy machine guns, assault rifles, snipers and many more. There are also other upgrades for your weapons in the game which will enhance their ability to strike as well as their accuracy and precision. There are also self-defence items which are available for the user’s character like armours and shields which will protect them and increase their chances of survival in the harsh environment filled with enemy combatants. The game is any of the game like the users love to play on big gaming consoles hence all their entertainment has been dragged and closed inside the mini screens. The physics engine of the game is excellent and movements are very realistic. The music is also very provoking and the gun shots are also very realistic. The whole environment which is created by the developers makes their users feel as if they are into the game. There are also different camouflage in the game which the players can utilise.

The app contains a campaign mode in which users have to complete different missions in a limited time frame and defeating their enemies on the battle field. A distinguished feature of this app is the PVP mode which is player vs player battle mode. You can connect through the internet and fight with players round the globe. Glu mobile developed a rather scintillating app.

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This game consists an arsenal of the weapons like machine guns, lmg, drag hunter and other destructive snipers as well. The physics engine of the game is also worth praising and the most astonishing thing is the size of the game which is less than 100mb. The music and the gun sounds takes the player into its world and makes you a part of the live field action. You can connect and compete with players around the world in the PVP mode. Other additional options which will make the user love this game is the camouflages in different environments and armours and jackets to sustain some extra damage.


The only con in the game is that it requires a heavy GPU and cannot run well in small phones and will lag there. Other than that, this app is wonderful.


This app is worth playing for all the users who are fond of and wants some real action in a game. Gear up, assemble your own squad and defeat all the enemies with your arsenal of weapons.

Download Frontline Commando 2 on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Frontline Commando 2 Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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