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Here is another exciting breakthrough in the world of connective apps and a new rival is here to challenge them all. Have you shifted to new block and need to find some new friends then here is the perfect ailment for you. The bee talk is an appealing app which grasps the user with its very distinguished and eye-catching yellow colour. This app provides its users with an experience which they have never seen before. This app allows its users to make their own chat rooms and clubs and can modify it as they want.

This app connects and makes the world a global village in a true manner. This app brings the people close to each other. All the people using this app are connected to each other and are made friends by their mutual interests. You want to watch a movie and do not want to go alone, than you should not worry a bit as you can go with your friends from bee talk who are going for the same movie. In this way, users can have combined activities with their friends and it will bring people close to each other. You can look for friends in a specified radius around you or expand the radius to a 100 km to find friends to accompany you in your interests. There is a radar option available in the app which will find new friends for you. You can interact with all friends at the same time in a group chat and plan something exciting together. You can call your friends send them messages and make your chats more expressive by the use of the stickers provided by the app, the only thing you need to have is the availability of the internet. There is also a unique feature available which is the whisper function. In this feature, your sent text automatically disappears from the other user after being read. In this way the user can efficiently control their privacy from other users being friendly with them at the same time.


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This app made its place in the market in no time as it introduced a new concept and provided a new angle to make friends. You can find friend around a specified radius which is provided to the app by the user itself. Find friends with your hobbies to accompany you in your interests and activities. The whisper option gives users a whole new dimension of privacy in their messages and photos which are to be shared with their friends.


The app offers no noticeable flaws except that too large social circle often reduces the chance of indulging in your very own activities but that is corrected as users can plan their schedule accordingly with their different friends in the bee talk but this is of course no flaw, just to fill this block.


This app took the market by storm and provided something new and exciting for their user around the globe. Users will love this app so they should waste no time and immediately install it.

Download BeeTalk on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download BeeTalk Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and messenger will run!

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