Download Ice Age Adventures for PC (Windows and Mac)

A good news for the fans of ice age as gameloft brings to them an all exciting journey in the form of a fun packed game known as the ice age adventures. This is not a mere game but is inside is hidden a whole world packed with fun. See the world with your favourite ice age characters as sid, manny, diego, peaches and scrat and embark on a roller coaster of fun which users have never experienced before.

This app is actually a game which contains many games and puzzles hidden inside it playable with all your favourite ice age characters. The game after its initial download requires an additional data downloading which maybe up to 150mb which is a bit tedious for the user. The game also offers some in-app purchases means that the items and power ups in the game are not entirely free. The game is sand box type in some aspects as you can explore new lands with your characters and add them onto the map in your game. The app offers many mini games such as the 3d puzzle which is very much similar to the candy crush. You can play with sid to rescue the herd babies in the sled game hence many mini games and one hide and see fun journey makes up this app. The app also includes the all-time favourite chase of scrat behind the acorn throughout the movie series and is given an exciting name scrat-astrophe in the main game as a side game and this is fun to play too. The other games that can be played are that users recruit precious and save manny and deigo which were lost during playing hide and seek. The game offers a versatile and beautiful environment as it takes you from snow fields to grassy plains. The physics engine of the game is also very realistic as it entirely captivates the user in its own world and the music is well complemented with. The game can also be played with friends but that requires the use of internet.


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This app is all full of positive aspects. The graphics are scintillating as it takes its users through an epic journey of ice age series. The physics engine is very realistic and the environment adhere the user’s interest at all times to the game. The music is also very excellent taken from the movie tracks and perfectly compliment the game. The mini games are also an exquisite experience along with the main adventure and the scrat-astrohe is an additional treat for its users.


The only flaw in the app is the post download additional data download which is sometimes tedious for the user.


It is assured by the developers that users get more than enough reward for their wait as a result of the post-game installation data download as this app speaks for itself and users will always find this amusing and real fun as their all-time favourite animated series have been converted to a perfect game.

Download Ice Age Adventures on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Ice Age Adventures Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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