Download SoundCloud 14.11.03-35 APK

SoundCloud is a very famous online streaming app that can be used to listen to music from all over the world, it has huge database, on which you can also upload songs and make them public for the people to listen, It can make you famous if your songs get famous, Although unless you have registered to the premium version you can not upload more songs than a limit.

If you have Android Device and you cant access Google play store to download the latest version of Soundcloud, you can download it from this post,You just have to download the APK file from the below link. Soundcloud can be used as an alternate for you music player, In android it also allows you to listen songs offline. all you have to do is to listen to the song once while you are online and then you can even play it back even if you are Offline, This feature is now suspended in iOS device but it is still on for Android app.


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The new features that you will see in this version are as follows:

  • Lollipop design updates (not full material)
  • Lollipop notification support
  • When paused, artwork is blurred
  • Facebook integration update
  • Fixed bug that stopped stream paging prematurely
  • Added French translation

Download SoundCloud 14.11.03-35 APK

Following is the link to download and installl APK file of SoundCloud,All you have to do is to download the file on your Android Tablet or smartphone and follow the steps below.

Download SoundCloud 14.11.03-35 APK

  • Download APK of Soundcloud from Above link
  • Locate it in your download folder.
  • Install it on your Device, Make sure download from Unknown devices is on from Security settings.
  • Give the permission to the device to install the App.

All files are secure,If you have any problem regarding the download of APK of Soundcloud let us know in the comments.

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