Download Clash of Gangs for PC Windows and Mac brings out yet another exciting magic from their pocket. Clash of gangs is a story of street gangs which fights with each other to rule their supremacy in the Underworld. Users get an exquisite and different experience as they play this game. This game is the successor of the all-time no 1 strategy game clash of clans and makes complete justice as it provides an exciting epitome and a real platform for users to test their strategy skills.

The game starts as normal crew building. You have to make thugs which can do street crimes for you and fight with members of the other gangs. The game contains some of the most awesome gang warfare users have ever seen in a strategy game because the idea of clan fights is in perfect harmony with its theme. Build your own gang and army of loyal soldiers and combatants who will do all the killings and wiping of other gangs for you as well as protects your base from the attack of other gangs and play a pivotal role in maintaining your strong hold over the streets. Each of your areas is governed by bosses whom you make in the game. They govern your certain specified areas in an efficient way. You can also build your fleet of military grade choppers which bombard on enemy gangs time and again. You can play with your friends become allies and wipe other gangs as well being one. You can also test your strategy skills by competing with other world class players from round the globe as this game requires some nerves of steel and a real investment of your time but it bears fruit as if you are skilful enough then you arise as the lord of the underworld. The graphics of the game are scintillating and there is an additional street view feature available which further magnifies the user’s interest in the app. The physics engine of the game is also very good and no lags are seen all along the game. The game however requires the use of internet connection to play and have fun with your friends. There are also some in-app purchases and upgrades available which can be bought from its store.


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The game is well above the expectations of the user. The graphics are amazing and the music just adds more beauty to the app. The physics engine perfectly compliment this type of game and runs very well with it. The game offers many exciting features like the street view by which users are able to see the action in a more nice way.


Users need to connect to the internet at all times to enjoy the action and without the internet thisis just another non running app in their device.


This app is an exciting overall package for users to put their planning and strategy skills to some ultimate test. With its tons of action pack features, fight to become the king of the underworld.

Download Clash of Gangs for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download Clash of Gangs Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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