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This app is not just a game but an idea put to perfection by Elex inc. This must not be taken as merely a strategy game but in fact contains a whole exciting journey. It is such an addictive app that once users start playing it, they want to go forever at it. The app quickly built its reputation as one of the most finest and fun strategy games users have ever played. The game basically is a classic strategy with some exciting modifications to make it more appealing and fun for their users.

The game starts with the user as the king of an empire and users are given an initial guide on how to build their empire in more effective manner and protect their state from enemy troops as well as conquer their territories. You have to harness different resources to build their forces. You can build sawmills, food farms, stables and barracks as well as many other military buildings and houses to make your own troops and strengthen and enhance your empire. The app offers some exciting PVP mode which is player vs player battle in which you have to take down their army and take control over their territory to expand yours. The building expansions is rather fascinating as you make a whole city and watch as how some of your troops grows and result in a huge army with soldiers, spear mans and knights and many more military characters. You have to constantly monitor the progressing of your resource harnessing as well as the army progress and their defence and offense strategies. This game requires a large investment of time from the user but pay backs the fun in double amount. The graphics of the game are also very eye catching and even with such massive scale attacks, the game shows no lag at all. The app is not entirely free and offers some of the in-app purchases as well but users can manage that as the game is worth much more than the money.


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The game is like goodie bag full of surprises. The graphics are superlative as compared to the small size of the game. The physics engine is designed so excellently that it shows no signs of lag in even the devices with the meagre GPUs. The music is in perfect harmony with the theme of the game. Players can enjoy battling and taking down each other’s empire in the PVP mode. Become the king of a vast territory by crushing the armies of the players from the world and taking over their kingdoms.


The only con that the game offers is that it cannot run without the availability of an internet connection so users as very much dependent on that for their game.


The game is overall a fantastic achievement in the world of strategy games. Hone your skills by some epic battles while taking in view your resources and their harnessing. Build your own vast empire and arise as the ultimate king of the game.

Download Clash of Kings on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Clash of Kings Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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