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Are you concerned about your privacy?? Need to lock your apps in a more secure way so that no one could see it and the lock on the app stays there, then they should wait no more and install this wonderful app. This app handles your privacy in the most effective way without even being detected and your apps perfectly remains secure so that no unwanted person could have access to any of the private pictures, videos, messages and other applications and your device remains perfectly secure.

The app took the market by storm and achieved a high rating as compared with other apps of the same kind as it introduced a new angle of securing your phone and putting lock on different applications in your device. This app does not offer traditional password setting methods like a pattern, some words, a pin, or face detection but here it is the most distinguished app securing the privacy of your device. This app uses volume key as its password. The INITIAL DEFAULT password is 3 times pressing the up button of the volume key. This will give users access to the main app where they can change their password of volume keys as they want for example they can set it to two times up and three times down press of the volume button. The names of apps which were written in the note form are secured by the app without one noticing because only the right password gives you access to the main app. The apps which are locked are detected by no one as the screen just turns transparent on opening the locked apps and only the right password of volume keys can unlock them or else the intruder will only think as a lag of the device and he will not even notice that this specific app is very cleverly locked by the owner of the device. The pattern from the volume keys is not easily visible as a pattern or a pin. You can also fool the intruders by changing backgrounds in the main app and it will appear every time they open it. They will see it as a lag but its actually the screen which will only remove and open the specified app unless correct pattern of volume keys are entered.


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The app offers a lot of pros. The lock is secure and the pattern of volume keys is not easily read by the users. The detection of the lock on apps is very difficult and makes it look like the application is stuck which fools the intruders trying to sneak in your apps containing your personal stuff.


The only can that the app features that it is not user friendly and require a great toll for owner to understand before putting a lock on his apps.


The app is a perfect one to secure your devices and the unique pattern chosen for locking apps just adds the perfect teal and users will love the way that how this app protects the privacy of their devices and fool the intruders without making them known that the apps are locked.

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