Download Red Bull Air Race for PC Windows 7, 8 and Mac

Now all those aviation fans who were a bit disappointed on the release of red bull racers that the game does not have anything in store for them, then they should see and play this wonderful app that how read bull have compensated them with this app. This app is one of the best android apps which the users have ever played and it is not exclusive for the aviation racing fans but everyone is recommended highly to play this game as it hones their senses and skills.

The app is an aviation racing game with extreme nice and effective controls which the users will get used to in no time and they will feel like they are really flying that thing out there. The app includes real racing tracks from around the globe and real racing pilots. Challenge them and you get a chance to fly their planes as well. The app includes some of the pro pilots like Matt Hall, Nigel Lamb, Martin Sonka and Yoshihide Muroya. Some real racing tracks from the world like Poland, United Kingdom, USA and Iceland. The app includes some of the best racing planes from the world like CORVUS RACER 540, ZIVKO EDGE 540 V2 and many more planes for users to master. The app also includes the original sound tracks from the red bull. Users can also put their planes to test by racing their planes in weekly worldly tournaments and earn useful rewards and upgrades for their flying birds. However it is recommended by the developers to have a minimum RAM of 1GB for their devices and the devices must be manufactured 2013 or later otherwise the app will have musch problem in running and this is by far the greatest back draw of the app that it is not compatible with all the devices. The physics engine of the app is worth seeing and the controls are completed to perfection to exemplify it as a unique app in the market.


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The game offers so many plus points that users will get tired counting them. The graphics of the app are just stunning. The controls are designed which are compatible with the users. There are a large number of air birds to race with. You get to challenge some pros from the real world and get a chance to drive their planes in the game. You can hone your air racing skills by competing in world races and weekly tournaments through the internet. The app upgrades are not entirely free and offer in-app purchases as well.


The game offers only a single draw back that is its requirements but users are not very much seemed affected by it as they all have the latest devices so what they do is not complain and just enjoy the magic in air.


The game is easy to understand yet very difficult to master completely. The controls are fun and the additives like original sound tracks, real pilots and tracks from the globe makes this app one of its kind in the market and is a must play.

Download Red Bull Air Race on PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Red Bull Air Race Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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