Latest Leaked Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S6

From the past couple of weeks tech media is humming about the upcoming high-end flagship of Samsung that is said to be S6, You might have read some weeks back about Samsung planning to move on to Metal body from Plastic, It was mentioned in a report released by a french tech blog, Now we will show you the alleged pictures of Samsung Galaxy S6 body and the pictures show metal body.


These pictures are said to be from the Samsung supplier of the metal cases and they are said to be of Samsung Galaxy S6 prototypes. The source of this pictures say that Samsung has already selected a prototype, and these pictures are of the metal casing of what should be mass produced for the upcoming Galaxy S6. But from these leaks its hard to say who are the supplier of these metal frames, the name of supplier is blurred in the pictures.

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After Samsung Galaxy S5 proving to be a big flog, Samsung officials said they will completely revamp the Galaxy series, and thats why it seems like Samsung has dumped the plastic model and has moved on to metal body, We can get an official clue from the Samsung Alpha that has metal frame, it looks like Samsung is moving on to Metal body for its high end smartphones, it may increase the cost of Smartphones as well.


For Samsung to sustain in the tough market, Where every company is producing, Very amazing smartphones with everything latest in them, Samsung will have to come up with something unique.

It was said that prototype of Samsung Galaxy S6 will be shown to some journalists at the CES 2015, but till now we haven’t heard anything about it.


What are your expectations from the upcoming smartphone of Samsung? Share what you know about Samsung Galaxy S5 in the comments.


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