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Get ready to play another exciting challenge with likes of brick man, super stick badminton and many more. Amazing ninja is an action type simple arcade game developed by Ketchapp. The game will captivate the user in no time and merely one of the most addictive games users have ever played. The game is simple yet a lot fun to play and users will not want to leave it once they start playing. The developers previously developed some of the most played games like the amazing thief and circle and this is another addition to their successes.

The game starts as the user’s character is the prime ninja which is a ninja who swear to remove all the vice from the society and plays a role as hero of the game. The ninja does not harm any of the innocents and this is the thing which the users have to control in the game. They have to climb different shapes while killing the bad guys in red and saving the blue dressed innocent ones by jumping over them. The controls of the game are very simple to learn. Left tap produces the jump while right tap on the screen induces your ninja to attack. The controls are much easy to comprehend but it is very difficult task to master them and requires the ultimate synchronization of your mind with your hand taps and a small mistake can deprive you from a high score. The difficulty level of the game goes on increasing with the time and one finds it harder to keep balance. The graphics of the game are very simple but the physics engine of the game is good and the music is an extra feat for the users. The game can also be connected to different social websites to post a high score total and in this way users can also compete with his friends and from players round the globe. The app is however not entirely free and  requires some in-app purchases which are available in the game store.


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The biggest pro of the game is that the developers achieved something so huge with an idea and graphics so simple. The game is super addictive and once users start playing it, they would never want to leave this game. The music of the game is also very good and perfectly complimented its theme. The game in addition can be connected to the social websites to post your scores.


The game also offers a con that is the game is not that much new and many such games are available in the market and this does not offer anything new to out run them.


The game is super addictive and users have to play with great care and the ultimate test of their skills to achieve a score as high as they can and once they do it, they can also share that score with their friends and from players around the world. A must install and play application.

Download Amazing Ninja for PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Amazing Ninja Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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