Download Crime City for Windows PC and Mac took out another exciting page from their never ending exciting game of books. These developers always come with a new idea of enchanting their users and they have also produced a magic with this app. The app is a modern action RPG with some modifications which are literally jaw dropping. Users will get to chance to savour a position as king of the Underworld and boss of the largest mob in the gaming worlds.

The game starts as the users are given a chance to build their own crime empire by some already present resources and also find ways to harvest resources. Users have to hire thugs and goons to do their dirty jobs, to kill the members of the enemy mafia, to protect their empire and maintain their strong hold as the king of the underworld. The graphics of the game are simple yet the idea is put to perfection by the developers. The app offers many other distinctive features like inviting and recruiting your friends as your apprentices and to build an even more powerful empire and to rule the city. There are weekly battles and tournaments in which users can take part and defeat the kingpins to earn valuable rewards. They can also not only compete in game but the game can also be played with players from around the world and defeating them to ensure and rule their up hand in the game both in terms of the mobs as well as ammunitions and vehicles. The game also offers a wide range of ammunitions to choose from. Your thugs can fire with snipers, machine guns, assault rifles and bringing back all the KABOOM with the RPGs. The game also offers variety of vehicles which are available in the game. The cars include cabs, trailers, trucks and ranging all the way to elite supercars. However the app is not entirely free and offers some of the in-app purchases as well which means items can be bought from the game store.


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The game brings out all new idea in the market of ruling the underworld. The game includes some normal graphics but the sound quality is amazing and users can recruit their friends to enhance their empire and dig further into the underworld with their thugs and collection of weapons and vehicles. The game shows no signs of lag and is recommended for the smallest of the devices as well. Users can also fight with other players by clashing with their mob and dominate their territory by claiming it.


The only minor flaw of the game is that it requires the internet access at all times and it cannot run but users will not see it as flaw because this app offers something much bigger.


The app is an excellent step in the world of gaming market. With its many pros and distinctive features, this app will cling to the user’s favourite play list in no time. A must install and play for the users.

Download Crime City for PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Crime City Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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