Download Wrestling Revolution for PC (Windows 7, 8 and Mac)

This app is undoubtedly a league ahead of its major counter-parts and took the gaming market by storm as now something is introduced also for the wrestling fans and this app gives them a perfect opportunity to savour the sport in their pocket devices as well. This app is fun to play and a unique in ring experience battle to take down your opponents with in front of a large wrestling universe with your extravagant and flashy moves.

The game is an arcade style sports wrestling game in which the user can enjoy the feeling of being in the ring in front of large crowds. The app offers some amazing features as the users can build their own custom characters with personalized faces, clothes, tattoos and all the what nots to make him a complete entertainment for the crowd. You can also assign special finishing moves to your wrestlers. The app takes you back all the way into the old days of gaming and these graphics were considered as heaven. If the players do not want to make their custom characters then they can choose from up to 350 characters to fight for them in the ring. There is an exhibition mode available in the game in which you can compete with computer characters and make your way all up to the level of pro wrestler. The controls of the game are also perfectly built for the wrestling type and are available for the users to learn in the tutorial. These controls are easy to learn but take a toll to master but users will get used to it and have a lot of fun while playing them. All the items and merchandise in the app are not free as it offers some of the in-app purchases as users have to buy   some of the upgrades and merchandise for their characters. The app can also be connected to the internet and users can enjoy online wrestling by competing with players round the globe. The graphics of the game are not very much appealing but the game is fun in its own manner.


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The game contains a lot of pros for users to count. The wrestling in itself is a very awesome idea to be introduced in the gaming. The music of the game is also very enchanting. Users can create their own characters and give them names and embellish them with modish attires and moves and finishers which make the wrestling universe crave for their appearances.


The game also contains some back draws. The game is actually very old school, the graphics are not that much appealing, the game style is also repetitive and the idea is not that new as well. Apart from a memorandum of old days, this app is of no value to the users.


The game is overall a good past time experience and not something that users usually crave for. However, this app is still able to out run all the apps of the previous nature no matter how bore this app itself is.

Download Wrestling Revolution for PC Windows and Mac OS X

  1. Download Wrestling Revolution Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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