Download Boom Beach for PC (Windows 7, 8 and Mac)

From the developers of the all famous and all favourite game Clash of clans, super cell developers bring out another exciting addition to their already present collection which is loved by the users. Boom beach is an epic warfare strategy game which involves some extra skills by the users in order to take over this beach world and defeat the black guard forces. This game will make the user addictive with tons of features and additions that users would never want to leave.

Boom beach is a benchmark setter and is first in its lane of games. The idea is not that much new but its delivery is extravagant. The environment idea is raw as the game takes its users through an archipelago of islands and fight with lt. hammerhead of the black guard as well as protecting your own base from enemy assaults. The game contains an arsenal of weapons and defences like the sniper tower, machine guns, assault rifles and many more favourites of the users. Users can also raid the bases of players from around the globe. Users also get ancient statues and gems during the battles and search of different unique islands which adds up to their power as they contain mysterious powers inside them. Users can also attack hundreds of unique island bases to establish their control and capture a vast territory. Users can face deadliest planners in the fierce boss battles and uncover their vice intentions and to hone one’s skills and improve their strategies in both defence as well as offense. The graphics of the game are of some superlative degree as compared to the theme and context of the app and users have never seen such good graphics in an android RPG. The music is also a feast to the ears as well and is in perfect harmony with the theme of the game. The game can be played with friends and users can form allied forces to take down their enemies and the black guard. The app is not entirely free and offers some of the in-app purchases as well.


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The game has a lot of features to develop liking to. The music is good, the graphics are better than all the counter parts of the same theme. Tons of weapons to enhance your gaming experience and you can enjoy the fun with your friends as well. The theme of the game is really well suited with the environment and also a sand box touch in the game which constantly adheres the player’s interest to the app.


The game requires the connectivity of internet at all times which is the only flaw one can find in this app, other than that, this is some magic created by the developers.


The app is a memorandum for the users who are fans of role playing action games. This game will take the fun to the very limit by its awesome gameplay and physics engine. This app is a must install and play.

Download Boom Beach for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download Boom Beach Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and game will run!

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