Windows 10 preview for Phone Expected Next Month

According to latest news we have heard that Microsoft is going to preview its latest version of Windows Phone at the start of next month. Microsoft released a “Phone Insider” app over the weekend, There is a Event next month where Microsoft plans to reveal whats their plan about Windows 10 on tablets and smartphones. According to the report we might see some demos on the Windows 10 phones, including some user interface changes designed to more closely align its mobile operating system with its desktop counterpart and the Xbox One games console.


It is also said that Microsoft is going to introduce some changes to Windows 10 on the desktop, They might include light and dark themes like that of the phone and tablet editions. Currently referred to as Windows Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile internally at Microsoft, the next mobile OS will be a combination of the Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems. It is said that Microsoft is planning to have a step ahead by aligning its tablet and phone software to run the same apps across tablets and phones. While the company will shocase its developer and app plans further at theat event next month, The event that will me most probably next month or the end of this month will emphasize more on the customer features of both the desktop and phone operating system. We might see what Microsoft  will name this new combined Windows RT and Windows Phone OS at the event.

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Windows lost its cool from Windows 8, but still many people have it on their PC, Although Microsoft failed to make a great impact on Smartphone market, although many people still prefer windows phone over iOS or Android,I personally like the interface of Windows phone.

Stay tuned with us for mpre information about that upcoming event, Also do let us know about your expectations from the upcoming Windows 10 and how features you would like to see it on your mobile smartphones and tablets.

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