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In need of editing your photos or the usual flash of the camera or device forced your eyes to lose and now you want to just make your eyes look somewhat bigger as the rest of the photo was perfect in every aspect and you do not want to take another one fearing that it won’t be good as the last one. Then users should worry no more and immediately install this wonderful app which aptly caters to all the needs of the users regarding simple editing but considering special alterations with regard to the eye and this is very much depicted by the name of the app itself.

This revolutionary app adjusts the eyes of the users in the photos. Make them larger to look more beautiful if you want to impress your friends and the best feature is that user can change the eye colours of their photos as well. They can make their photos funny by changing the angle and depths of the eyes in the photo as well. Users can also add some special effects to their eyes like the flags of the countries, animal eyes and many other effects in addition to that which can make their pictures funny or impressive according to their choice. Users can also remove the red eye effect which is very common for photos taken in dark with a flash. The app in addition also contains an easy photo editor which will make editing fun for the users. If users are anime fans, then this app also provides something of their interest as well as they can add sasuke’s sharingan or naruto’s sage mode or fox mode eyes and make your eyes in photos look cool in your friends and ask you of the magic you created. Users can also share any of their photos on the social websites like Facebook, Twitter and many others and as well save any of the desired photos in the gallery of their devices.


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The app contains a lot of pros. Firstly it responded very well to the red eye complain of the users which different apps claimed to correct but none of them actually succeeded in doing so effectively. Users can change the size, angle of eye balls and their depth and their colour as well. Users can choose from natural eye colours to animal eyes to flag effects and to anime eyes as well. In addition, the app contains an easy photo editor which will make editing fun for the users. Also there are a new range of contact lenses available which adds further life to your photos.


The app regretfully paid much heed only to the eyes. In addition they can add some more change in other features and make it a perfect photo editor in every aspect.


The app is very good and gained its reputation in the market. With its different features, the app will become the favourite editing app by which the users will not only make their photos beautiful but also funny and impressive.

Download NiceEyes for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download NiceEyes Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and NiceEyes will run on PC!

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