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Gamegou brings for their users another exciting and scintillating app, the perfect kick. The game is an arcade style sports game which is perfectly designed for the users to have a memorable time playing it and ensures that the interest of the player is constantly adhered to the game at all times. This unique idea helped the game cling to the most played sports game in many of the countries.

This game is not your traditional football games where you have to do all the passing and the dribbling but this game is a type of penalty shoot-outs perfectly modified to enhance its fun. The short format of the game is also a revelation for the users who are not fond of completing the laborious task of long football games on their devices. You can be the striker of the ball or the keeper as well. The controls of the game are also fun to play. Users can just swipe their finger in the direction of the shot and swipe it like they mean to hit it. This game offers some of the most best of the mechanics in the android games as users can bend the ball, chip it or put a swirling high speed shot all the way in the net for a glorious goal. Users can customize their players or keepers according to their desire. They can not only change their attire but also put some flamboyant merchandise and accessories on their characters to disturb the attention of the enemy players and emerge as victorious. There is several game modes in which the users can play. They can practise offline as well as connect to the internet and play against players from the world. Users can also participate in different leagues and tournaments and winning them will give them rewards by which they can buy upgrades and unlock abilities to make their character better. The graphics of  the game are amazing and the lego looking characters just adds up to the beauty of the game.


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The game is full of positive things. The graphics are amazing and the whole environment of the game is very catchy. The finger swipe controls are very easy for the players to make their desired shot and not that long button combination for their favourite shots. The music is also very appealing. Matches with players from round the globe hones the skills of the users. Abilities and upgrades further enhance the skills of the players and make the game more fun.


The game however contains some meagre flaws as it offers some in-app purchases and users have to spend some extra cash to buy some of their upgrades and abilities but it is not much of a problem for the user.


The app overall is a very unique and nice idea to the gaming apps and due to its distinctive swipe controls, the game will become and addiction as well as big time fun for users whether they are football fans or not. A must install app.

Download Perfect Kick for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download Perfect Kick Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and perfect kick will run on computer!

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