Download SnapChat for PC (Windows and Mac)

Attention all users!! Are they annoyed of people storing their personal photos and stalking them and they do not know or find any such app in the android market which can find a solution to their such problems, then they should wait no more and immediately install snap chat. Snap chat is a social communicating website which connects you with your friends round the globe and at the same time taking care of your privacy in an effective manner.

Snap chat easily surpasses many of its similar counterparts like whatsapp and other communicating apps as they do not take care of the user’s privacy as this app do. You can send your photos and videos as well as communications and chats to the other users and after a limited time which is hardly 20 seconds, that photo automatically disappears from the server and from the other user’s account and in this way it keeps a track and effectively controls your privacy at the same time. One other awesome feature of this app is that it also let other user know that you are online so that maximum attention can be focused onto chat with you. The app in rest of its features is same as other communicating apps out there. You can send emotions and stickers a swell as chat with the other users, share your photos and also can make a video call via this app which is also termed as video chat. Users can only keep and set privacy of the things they want and rest will automatically disappear. The overall theme of the app is good and the intention is also to provide increased privacy for the photos and chats of the users. Users can also write a status or their story and add a photo of the day to make it more memorable and expressive.

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The theme of the app is good. It increases the security of the users and with the live video chat, users can also share whole of their moments live with their friends and include them in the fun. It also keeps tracks of all your favourites and deletes all the rest. You can also keep in touch with the friends your friends and the app will let your marked friends know that when you are online by a reminder so he can give you maximum attention.


The purpose for which this app is made is not very well served and it’s the biggest flaw of the app. Other users and stalkers can still take a screen shot of the picture or save it in the mean-time and this app does not prevents them from doing so and only deletes the pic from the server after the dedicated elapsed time.


Despite of its flaws, this app still is able to protect privacy of their users to some degree as compared to the other social apps so little is better than nothing and users should keep that in mind. This app is worthy of install and to use.

Download SnapChat for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download SnapChat Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and snapchat will run on the PC!

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