Download YouTube 10.02.3 APK

Looks like there is something up with Google as they released YouTube version 10.02.3 directly after version 6.0.3, The sudden jump is not justified with any reason but they have also included some new features in this new version.


YouTube is one of the most used app on android as well as other operating systems, YouTube has the largest database of videos and it can be accessed from around the world, you can view videos of different users from around the world while staying at home, you can also uplaod your videos and share it with the world for free.

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If you cant access google play store to down the new version of YouTube you can download its APK file from this post. There are number of changes in the user interface of YouTube that are released with this version. You can have a look at them below.

  • Now there is a share menu which lists out all the sharing apps in a grid.
  • You can also Copy URL from a option that is now present at the top.
  • The voice search has returned.
  • There are also some changes in the icons.

Download YouTube 10.02.3 APK

YouTube is considered a must app for smartphones, if you still dont have it you’re at loss, you should get it ASAP from the Google Play store or from the the link below, its the APK file.


Download YouTube 10.02.3 APK

  • After downloading the APK from the above link
  • locate it in your download folder.
  • Open it, It will ask you for the permissions to install.
  • Give the permissions, make sure you have turned on Download from unknown sources from setting and security.

Thats it, You’re good to use YouTube new app on your android smartphone, if you already have YouTube older version, Download the APK file and install it just like other APKs, Its a upgrade to your existing app and signed by Google.

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