Manual Camera App to get DSLR features on your Android Phone

You might have used many camera apps that give you better experience than the Stock app, You can get them for android through Google play store, there are also apps on other platform that give you layer of filters and features that can be applied on your pictures. most of them just allow you to edit the picture a bit and apply filters to make it look better, somehow professional. But there are very few apps that gives you full professional control over your pictures.

Manual Camera-DSLR-features-Android-Phone

There is this new app introduced by GDSoftware that can be purchased at Google play store for $1.99, It gives you all the options that that are present in a DSLR while talking a photograph, its a great apps for those who cant afford DSLR but have craze for Photography, If you are a real photographer and you know the features of a DSLR, then this is a must app, You can also practice your skills and learn the features of DSLR through this app before buying one.

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Its UI has numerous complicated that might be messy for the amateur photographers but the real photographers know all those features and their characteristics, Having this app on your Android phone might give you some know how of the professional features that are present in the DSLR.

Manual Camera offers the following features on your Android Smartphone or tablet.Manual Shutter Speed.

  • Manual Focus Distance.
  • Manual ISO.
  • Manual White Balance
  • Manual Exposure Compensation
  • Maximum Screen Brightness
  • Sounds
  • Gridlines
  • Timer
  • GPS for Geo-tagging
  • RAW (DNG) format

Above are all the features that are worth paying $2 for, It almost gives you the experience of a professional camera without having to buy one.

Well to me the advantage of this app over the DSLR is that the controls are very easy to set and you dont have to make the changes locking the parameters while revolving the wheel to adjust the settings. Its a great app to learn the features before you actually implement it on DSLR.

You should get this app on your android Smartphone and let us know about its experience in the comments, Your feedback will be appreciated.

Download this App from Google Play Store 

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