Download and Play Kritika: The White Knights on PC – Windows 7,8 and Mac

Now here is an all exciting news for the lovers of RPG’s that is the role playing games as the gamevil brings them a fantasy which users never want to get out of. This game is a classic action role playing game which will captivate the users in its magic and users not even fans of this format of games will love to play it and experience the magic which was created by the developers and resulted in one of the top apps of all time.

The game may seem like some ordinary role playing game which is available in thousands in the app store but what distinguishes from all the other apps is that it changed the meaning of RPG and turned it into intense action and hones the skills of the users to create the ultimate battles with your foes in the game. The game also offers a wide range of playable characters some of which are unlocked from the start while some will be playable as the user progresses in the app. There is crimson assassin, the dark Valkyrie, the berserker, the cat acrobat and the shadow mage. Each of these characters has their own unique ability and features which can be used as advantages at different points of your battle strategies with your foes. If you want silent killings, then you should go for crimson assassin while if you are bent on destruction, then the berserker is the man for you. There are also pets in the game which will aid the users throughout their journey as well as make them stronger in their encounters with enemies. The graphics of the game are of the superlative degree and will enchant the user in no time. The physics engine of the game is also very realistic and the music of the game is just to complement with. However there is a small flaw in the game as well that the game requires some high processors to run efficiently.


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The app will make their users stick to it because of its numerous features. The idea of the action RPG is perfectly executed by the developers and certain additional game modes other than the traditional stage modes just exemplifies the app more and more. The graphics of the game are also very excellent and the music is in perfect harmony with the game. With a wide range of playable characters in the game and the their unique abilities will make the users love this app.


The biggest flaw of the game is that it requires some fast processors and strong gaming process units in order to run smoothly otherwise the game will show clear signs of lag which will irritate the user. Other than that, the game is a beauty.


The app is overall a fantastic one and a very nice addition to all other apps in the market because not only it profoundly challenges all the other RPGs but also able to beat almost all of them with its first class features.

Download Kritika Game for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download Kritika Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and Real Racing 3 will run on the PC!

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