Download LINE Rangers for PC Windows 7,8 and Mac

Now here is one of the most awaited games for the android devices which are composed of none other than the famous ranger characters from the app LINE. The game is actually a beautiful extension by the app provided to its users to bring excitement and fun to their free times. This game will captivate the users in its epic frenzy where exciting adventures await them. The game is actually a classic style mini game which is created within the app.

The game characters line consists of cute sticker characters from the app like sally, bunny and many other line rangers and save sally from the alien planet. The game is very much mixed in its formats as it is a combination of arcade and strategy playing game. There are a wide range of more than 150 playable characters and many more have been added other than the stickers from the LINE app. The characters show dramatic improvements and progression in power and attacks as the game goes on. Also the worth noting feature is that your characters transform during the game. More strong your alliance is, stronger will be your own character in the game. There is also variety of game modes available like special, team and single play and every mode of the game is a different experience in itself. Upgrade your ranger by taking him all the way up to the 8 star. The game offers some exquisite features like users can also play the game with their line friends and can launch their characters in the more difficult battles to aid yours. The graphics of the game are really good and the character line is really cute which will enchant the user and instead of a side game will become an actual game for the user. The music is also very cute which matches with the actual theme of the game very well. However the drawback in the app is that it requires the use of an internet connection and without it the game does not run.


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The graphics of the game are really good and the music is well matched. The character line is super having more than 150 playable characters. The game is also a social gaming network which enables users to play and prove their metal and they can also tag their friends along in their battles to improve their fight capacity and to bring down the tougher opponents.


The only and the largest flaw of the game is that it requires the availability of an internet connection and without it the game will just be of no use for the user and is only of some worth when the user have an internet connection.


All and all, this game is a nice pass time for the users who want to play some cute adventures to add teal to their leisure time as well as are fans of the line characters then this game is a must install for them.

Download LINE Rangers for PC Windows and Mac

  1. Download LINE Rangers Apk.
  2. Download and install Bluestacks.
  3. Double click on downloaded apk and LINE Rangers will run on the PC!

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