Few Steps to Maintain Android Phone Performance

You might have noticed that if you use your android device without precautionary measure for like six months, the device starts lagging, I have used android for years and the thing that I have noticed is that Android starts lagging after some months and it requires factory restore to get back to its original performance.

The reason for android slowing down after some span of time is because of foreign malwares and viruses, that get into your smartphone through download or by connecting your device to malwares infected PC’s.You might have noticed that iPhone doesn’t slows down with time, even if they do, it takes years for them to start lagging in the performance, whereas Android starts lagging within months, the reason behind it that iOS doesn’t allows any foreign file in your hardware, through the download from the browsers or through app downloading.

After figuring out the reasons for the lagging of Android, I have discovered few steps to maintain Android Phone performance

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Few Steps to Maintain Android Phone Performance

Following points are very common, these are just like precautionary measures and maintenance tips.

Always Inquire authenticity of Website before entering your credentials

These days, As we all are out of time, Whatever we are doing on our phone, Like browsing new things and downloading a random software,Even signing up to some sites. We dont read the terms, we dont read, what the download is asking, Is it asking permission to download three more apps with the this one, We never read, Sometimes we enter our personal credentials without even knowing about the authenticity of a website,Its like purposefully handling out your personal information without the need of someone else hacking into your Android smartphone, Atleast we should always look into the the website before giving our personal information.

Turn on Unknown Sources, Only when you need to


Dont always keep on Download from Unknown sources in the settings and security, Its like a gateway of threats and malwares to get into your Android device,when ever you need to download any app from outside Google Play Store, turn it on and after that turn it off right away, this will help you protect your smartphone from Malwares. Although.Although its the beauty of Android that keeps it open for many developers, But people who dont want good of others are developing apps that can be harmful for your Android device.

Avoid Illegal Apps

Avoid downloading the cracked apps and modded apps that are developed by amateur develops, Because while developing the illegal app non-functional requirements like security, Performance and efficiency is not considered, while the game or app look good and easy while playing but it can be very harmful for your system as you have no clue what resources it is using and how the app is effecting your hardware.

It is not right to download the paid app and then upload it for others for free, Its like you’re sabotaging developers right for earning money, Developers put a lot of hard work in making the apps, You shouldn’t just download a paid app for free. that why you should avoid illegal apps, As someone who is providing no good to the developers, wont think of your good as well.

App Permissions must be read before downloading Apps


Most of us dont even bother reading the permissions that a app require from you about your device, its like giving the app the authority to access all the stated stuff in your system, So its very essential to read the conditions and permissions before you download any app.

These are all precautionary measures that should be accepted and adopted for making this world better for the IT professionals, and for your devices, If you wont steal from others, I am quite sure you wont be disappointed from the performance of your Android smartphone, downloading illegal stuff is mainly the cause of infecting your Android Smartphone, If you know more things that can be helpful in maintaining the performance of your Android smartphone let us know in the comments.


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