How To Personalize the Windows Command Prompt

Even after so many years of Computer evolution, the interface of Windows command prompt is still the same,Its can be sometimes exhausting and annoying if you have to work on it for hours, As a student when I had to use command prompt for accessing registers of processor and to issue command using assembly language, I realized the interface of Windows command prompt is very basic, After looking into the ways to find some decoration and fancy things for command prompt, I have found the following basic stuff that can be used to change the user experience while using command prompt.

How To Personalize the Windows Command Prompt

Windows command prompt is balck and white, thats very basic, you can add some colours to it, to make it more presentable.Open your command prompt and enter the following command to see the options of colours you have for the text.

How To-Personalize-Windows-Command Prompt

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color /?


Now you can select which color you want, Just enter the color number and option for the backgroud color, there are many combinations of colours that look good and that can be used instead of Black and white, Like Blue colour, red colour and green colour.

How To-Personalize-Windows-Command Prompt

For Green

color 02

For Red text.

color 04

Know that command prompt wont allow you to set the same colour for background and the text, it will make the text un-readable, In order to get the default black and white colour, you just have to enter the following command and your windows command prompt will be back to its original factory colors.


It will get you back to your Black and white theme

How  to Personalize Windows Command Prompt Without Commands

You can also personalize command prompt without entering the commands, for that all you have to do is to select the properties from the top bar and select the colours tab, there you can choose whatever colour you would like to have on your command prompt, it will give you an option to change the color of your text as well as background.

How To-Personalize-Windows-Command Prompt

Know that the color changed through the commands will only remain till the session, Whereas the changes in the colour made via properties will remain same as of previous sessions until you change them.

Thats it, If you know any other methods to customise Windows command prompt, let us know in the comments, Your feedback will be appreciated.

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