How to Root Xperia SP C5302, C5303 12.1.A.1.207 Android 4.3 Firmware

Sony XPERIA SP has received the Android 4.3 update long ago and Sony has worked on seeding sequential updates in the while. These updates are minor and these updates only add small updates to the device. The latest official firmware update for Xperia SP is 12.1.A.1.207. This update introduces minor changes to the existing firmware. The main purpose of this update is to fix bugs and make some performance improvements. Xperia SP will not receive KitKat update most probably so this might be the last update for this device.

Those who have already updated their devices to 12.1.A.1.207 firmware must have lost root access. The root access can be regained and it is very easy. Xperia SP can be rooted with locked bootloader on .207 firmware. Therefore one does not have to go through the long procedure of bootloader unlocking, losing warranty and Bravia Engine along with it. To root Xperia SP 12.1.A.1.207 locked bootlaoder follow this guide below. Make sure that you follow each and every step to make sure that you do not damage your device in any step. Follow all the precautions to make sure that device is properly rooted and safe in case something goes wrong.

Activate USB Debugging

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To activate USB Debugging, go to settings, navigate to the bottom. locate Developer Options. Inside Developer Options, tick USB Debugging. If you cannot find Developer Options in Settings menu, then navigate to About Phone menu in Settings. Open it and tap on build number seven times. It will make the Developer Options visible in Settings menu. Activate USB Debugging from Developer Options.

Activate Proper Internet Connection

Internet connection is required for this rooting method because a file will be downloaded while rooting the device. That file will be used to root the phone. Make sure that internet connection is working otherwise you will get some random error.

Enable Unknown Sources

Unknown Sources is the option which allows Android users to install applications from sources other than Play Store. Since an application will be installed for rooting so Unknown SOurces have to be enabled. To enable Unknown Sources. navigate to Settings, Security and enable Unknown Sources. Click OK on the preceeding message.


Remember that all processes like rooting, flashing and manual updating are custom methods. They have no concern with Google or mobile manufacturer. Follow every step carefully to avoid any mishap. Owner of site will not be held responsible in case of any mishap. Do it at your own risk. Rooting and flashing custom ROMs will also void warranty.

How to Root Xperia SP 12.1.A.1.207 Firmware

  1. Download TowelRoot APK (Click on Lambda icon).
  2. Copy it to phone and install it using any file explorer.
  3. Now go to app drawer and open TowelRoot application.
  4. Inside the application, tap in “Make it Rain”.
  5. It will root the device if everything is working fine.
  6. If it does not, reboot the device and try again.
  7. Once the phone is rooted, you have to install a SuperUser application yourself.
  8. Download Superuser Update Zip and extract Superuser.apk from common folder.
  9. Copy it to phone.
  10. Install
  11. Open it and update the SU binaries.
  12. Phone will reboot.
  13. Now your phone is rooted.

Got any questions? Ask me in the comments below.

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