Samsung Galaxy S6 will carry 16 megapixel camera with Sony IMX240 sensor

Everyone is waiting for the next flagship of Samsung that is Samsung galaxy S6, According to the company S6 will be completely revamped, Release of this smartphone seems to e over the edge, as we are hearing a lot about this smartphone, leaks and news, all the tech blogs are full of news about S6, Now that the Samsung has also released a teaser that says the next smartphone will be a big thing, We are anxiously waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6, I am quite sure, the fans of Samsung are waiting for the next flagship and cant wait for it to unveil and release.


First we heard that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have 20 megapixels camera, it was according to the initial reports, But now it seems like that the Samsung galaxy S6 will have back camera of 16 Mwga pixels and along with it there will be Sony IMX240 sensor.

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If you remember this is the same camera that is used in Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Now we have heard that the sensor has been tweaked for some advancements and its better than the one in Samsung Note 4, its a great news for the people who like Samsung and They are fond of taking pictures.

What are your expectations from this upcoming smartphone of Samsung let us know in the comments.

source: SamMobile

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