PicsArt for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

If you are looking for a simple tool to let you play with images, create your own graphics and optimize your images, then PicsArt is the right choice for you. PicsArt is a simple application with an easy to operate interface which allows even new users to easily use this application for their image editing and drawing requirements. The application is the best tool for Android devices and is available for free from Google Play store. So if you are looking for an alternative for those expensive image editing software applications, you know you have it available in the form of PicsArt.


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PicsArt has been installed by millions of users and it itself states the worthiness of this application. It is one of the easiest and simplest of image editing tools and lets you do your own things anytime and at anyplace. The app has a drawing tool with features such as brushes, layers, various text styles, stickers, callouts, erasers and several important tools. This enables you to create amazing and high quality drawings without much effort and make you look like a pro!

Using this application you can make several edits to your images and make several customisations and optimize your images. PicsArt lets you make several edits and add special effects to your images. So now you can add clip arts, frames and several other elements to your images and make your simple pictures look amazing!

Using the camera of your device, you can add live effects to your images in a very easy manner. This makes your pictures even more stunning and life like. You can share these images on your social network and maintain your own personal art gallery within the application itself! The application comes bundled with a huge volume of special effects which lets you make virtually any edits to your pictures. The app is highly customizable and the Snap editor lets you do virtually any tweak to your pictures. So you can take a live picture from the camera of your device and make immediate changes to it and make it look really stunning. It is simple, click it, customize it and share it with the world!

While currently this application is available only for Android devices, it is quite possible to get it installed on your Windows PC. If you want to enjoy using this application on your Windows laptop or computer, then do not be disheartened. All it takes is an Android emulator and the APK file of PicsArt. Just download Bluestacks, the best Android emulator you can get and install Bluestacks. Once installed, simply search for the PicsArt application through the search option of PicsArt or download the APK file for the application. Once the APK file has been downloaded, simply install the application and voila! You have the best Android based image editing tool accessible from your Windows PC, without much efforts and in a fast and efficient manner.


You however need to ensure that your computer has sufficient resources to support Bluestacks and PicsArt application. These applications require minimum level of processing power and RAM along with a high speed internet connection. However, such system resources are generally available on most of the modern computers and hence it is easy to get the app installed on your PC.

So what are you waiting for? If you have pictures to be edited or drawings to be drawn, all you need to do is to get started with this amazing app of PicsArt and surprise the world with your artistic skills!

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