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Angry Birds, the amazing and addictive game is the favourite game of millions around the world. The game is the most popular smart phone game globally and is played by people of all age groups. The first version of the game was launched for Apple’s iOS platform in the month of December 2009 and 12 million apps were sold in the first few weeks. This led the company to design several versions of the game and it was the biggest hit in 2010.

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The success of Angry Birds for iOS, led its developers to develop its version of Android, Windows and Windows mobile. However, the game was discontinued for Windows platform in the month of November 2014. Games installed on Windows PC will no longer get updates and no new versions shall be released for Windows platform. The intent of the developer behind this move is to develop better version of the game for mobile devices. However, this does not mean that Windows PC users can no longer enjoy the game. Well, there is an easy way! But first, let us talk a little more about Angry Birds.

The current version of the game has brilliant graphics and superior quality audio than any of its previous versions. The game is lot more addictive than before and once you start playing it, it is the temptation that you simply cannot resist! There are a large number of levels that you need to cross using the right logic and playing this game is a wonderful experience. Along with the regular characters, the latest versions include some new characters which come as a surprise to the gamers. The 3D graphics are brilliant and users enjoy a whole new experience while playing this game.

Irrespective of your age or any other factor, if you start playing this game there is no stopping you from getting addicted to it. You simple need to keep crossing different levels to enjoy the challenges posed by these games. If you fail to do so, the monstrous pigs are waiting for you! While Angry Birds has been discontinued for Windows operating system, it is not out of your reach if you still want to enjoy it on your Windows laptop or computer. How? Just a few simple steps and computer resources in place, this game is all yours to play on your Windows PC.

First, you need to download what is known as an Android emulator. An Android emulator emulates the Android environment on your Windows enabled computer and lets you run Android based applications. Bluestacks is the best Android emulator you can find on the internet. Download and install Bluestacks on your Windows PC. Once you have completed this step, you need to find the Angry Birds app from the app search option of Bluestacks. Alternately, you may download the Angry Birds APK file onto your computer and install the application. Once you have followed these basic steps, you have the power and the authority to enjoy the greatest game on the planet!

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But before doing so, you need to ensure that your computer has sufficient resources to support Bluestacks and the Angry Birds app as both these applications require a certain level of processing power, RAM and internet connection. If you have these in place, you get Angry Birds right on your Windows PC!

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