Get News 360 for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

News, as boring as it may sound, has its own relevance. The reason we find it boring is because we are constantly bombarded with information which is irrelevant, redundant and out of context for us. But what if we get to choose the news and read that interests us the most? What if there is a choice to decide what you want and when you want it? If these questions intrigue you, look no further. News 360 is the best solution to what you are looking for. It is the best application that brings you personalized news services and lets you choose your own news!


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If you want information from the world of business or want to know more about the latest in the world of sports, News 360 ensures that you get the most current and relevant information from anywhere and anytime. The latest in current affairs, sports, technology, entertainment, socio-political and science is within your reach with this amazing application which lets you decide what you want rather than let you drown in the deluge of information!

News 360 lets you specify the genre, news content and even the sources from which you might prefer the news items to be displayed on your screen. The news items are sourced from over 100,000 international, national and local sources. All these sources are authentic and deliver the most updated and relevant news to you as per your convenience. This application also allows you to follow certain companies or groups of people so that you can stay updated with the latest news pertaining to these groups or companies. News 360 also monitors your usage pattern and in due course is capable of identifying the right and the relevant news items for you. You may also link the application with your social media websites, which will help it to understand your likes and dislikes in a better way. It also delivers images and videos of the news that you want.

The application has an intuitive interface and is very simple to operate. The news items displayed are the headlines and you may choose to click on specific news items and read the detailed version. Similarly, you may select specific news items for reading them later. While it gives you the access to read the news that you want, the application also displays the latest and the most trending news items from around the world. You can also specify your location and News 360 will deliver the news from the local sources according to your specified location.

The application is currently available for Android devices and can be downloaded and accessed from any Android enabled device or media. However, that does not restrict users of Windows enabled PCs from using this application! How? Well, all it takes is to follow a few simple steps and News 360 will be accessible even from your Windows enabled PC.

Getting News 360 On Your Windows PC:

  • Download an Android emulator, the best without any doubt is Bluestacks. Download it here!
  • Once downloaded, install it.
  • After you have open it, search for News 360 application from the apps section of Bluestacks or simply download the APK file from external sources.
  • Install News 360 on your Windows enabled Personal Computer.


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Once you have followed this simple trick and have the required system resources like the processor and RAM, there is no stopping you! The access to the news you want has never been this easy.

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