Plants Vs Zombies 2 for PC – Download For Free!

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a unique game in the sense that it is more strategy oriented and does require you to think while playing. The game is a sequel to Plants Vs Zombies and has much better graphics and sound effects. The game comprises of developing strategies and tactics for killing zombies using plants! Yes, you read it right, using plants. The game is therefore more inclined towards strategic planning and execution rather than directly killing you enemies, as in other combat games. This makes this game truly unique and is certainly the differentiating factor.


The game has several layouts and levels, and requires you to cross these levels. The initial level is in the front yard and moves towards further levels in the night time which makes it tougher to play the game in the night time in the absence of the sun. The final level takes place in the pool in the night time where you need to fight a robot operated by the zombies. As you move across the levels, you are required to grow the plants, harvest them and accumulate super powers to fight the zombies. A truly unique and amazing concept which has never been seen before in this genre of games!

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While you kill the zombies, you need to collect the coins along the way. These coins will help you accumulate more weapons and super power and other important elements. The game has significantly high quality graphics and the audio quality is of superior quality. The game has an amazing storyline which keeps you hooked for hours. For games of any age, Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a fun game to play and a challenge to face. While you keep moving ahead, the difficulties rise and test your ability to think quickly and act on it.

The game was developed by EA sports, definitely the leading games developer in the world. The game has been released for smart phone platform and is available for several smart phone operating systems. However, a version for Windows PC is not released by the developer. This does not restrict you from enjoying this game on your Windows laptop or desktop computer. Just follow a few simple steps and this game is easily accessible to you from your Windows enabled computer.

You need to download an Android emulator Bluestacks. Bluestacks is the best you can get and you do not have to look for an alternative. Once downloaded, install Bluestacks. Download the APK file of Plants Vs Zombies 2 or you can search for the game from the search option of Bluestacks. Once the app has been downloaded, install it on your computer. Please make sure that you have required RAM and processor on your computer along with a high-speed internet connection, needed to download the two apps and to get regular updates. These are prerequisites for installing Bluestacks and installing any other application which runs in the Bluestacks environment.


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So, there you go! Just download Bluestacks and Plants Vs Zombies 2 apps and enjoy the truly amazing, unique and marvelous game on your Windows PC. The game is so addictive that it will take great efforts on your part to pause and even if you do pause, it won’t be long enough before you are back to play this game one more time!

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