Drag Race Rush for PC

Drag Race Rush is the right game for you if you love the speed and the cars. The game is one of the top racing games with brilliant graphics, visuals, audio and storyline. The cars used in the race are real world licensed cars and the locations span across three continents. The game is truly amazing with different levels of difficulties and the gamers get rewarded for crossing each level. While your opponents will use several tricks on you, all you need to do is to trick them and stay ahead of them if you want to emerge as the winner!


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The race begins in Asia, moves on to Europe and then ends in the continent of America. Each continent is a level and users are rewarded when they cross each level. The game has amazing 3D effects and the race track covers almost half of the world. The game is way ahead of any other racing games due to its real life like effects and audio. So while you race past your opponents, the squeaking sound of the tires makes it feel real. The controls are very simple with only a gas paddle and gear shifter.

The cars are highly customizable and you can select the parts of the car, its weight, make enhancements to the engine, add nitrous oxide, upgrade the ignition and make other specific changes to enhance the performance of your car. The modifications can be made according to your requirements so that you emerge on top! The customisation options are comprehensive and support changes right from minor changes such as the colour and the paint of the car, changing the interiors to making enhancements to the engine. The game has around 40 cars and vehicles and you can choose anyone from these vehicles. The screenshot of the car designed by you can be shared on Facebook too!

As you complete each level and emerge out as a winner of that level, you get the title of the drag racer. When you complete the last level that is the race in America, you gain the title of the ultimate drag racer. Just defeat your opponents and win the race!

Drag Race Rush is available for Android operating system enabled devices. But, if you want to use it on a Windows PC, to enjoy the experience of winning races! A few simple steps will enable you to play this game from your Windows PC. Simply download Bluestacks, the best Android emulator. An Android emulator provides the Android environment for Android specific apps on Windows PC. Once Bluestacks has been downloaded, install Bluestacks on your Windows enabled computer.


The next step will be to download the Drag Race Rush app on your computer. You can do so by either downloading the APK file for the application or by searching for the app file of the game through the search option of Bluestacks. Once downloaded, install the application on your Windows PC. You also need to ensure that you have sufficient RAM, processing power and a high speed internet connection. These are essential for running Bluestacks and the game app on your PC.

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And that’s it! One of the best racing games in the world is accessible to you on your Windows powered laptop or desktop and you can enjoy defeating your opponents in the ultimate racing game.

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