Angry Birds Go For Mac

Angry Birds from Rovio is an amazing game and is one of the most popular mobile device game. The game is highly addictive and you would want to continue playing it without a single pause. The game controls are fairly easy and the game-play is simple. The graphics and animation of the game is simple and yet effective and the background sound is pleasing to the ears. These game is fast paced and you will enjoy demolishing the buildings using the birds. These elements make this game truly enjoyable and you do not get tired even after playing it for hours.


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Features of Angry Birds Go for Mac:

The story-line involves the green pigs who steal the eggs from the bird. The birds in retaliation attack these pigs by attacking them in a fashion similar to missiles which are launched from a slingshot. These Angry Birds have the ability to demolish anything in their paths. The pigs hide themselves in glass, wooden and metal structures and the birds are capable of demolishing these structures when launched via slingshots. The impact point determine how the structure will be demolished. A direct hit to a weak and critical point of the structure will bring down the entire structure in a single shot. There are several different birds which can be used to attack and have different firing power. Heavy bomb chickens explode on impact completely demolishing the structure while the blue chickens split into three separate chickens while still in the air.

There are similar other birds which are capable of easily demolishing the structures and hitting the pigs thereby completing the particular stages of the game. Selecting the right bird determines how efficiently and fast can a particular stage be completed. Once you determine the critical points on the structures, you can easily demolish them with a single slingshot. How many birds are used in a particular stage leads you to specific number of stars with the highest being 3 stars. You can compare your scores on social network websites such as Facebook and Crystal. The game has several different levels which makes playing this game realty exciting. The game is a combination of military and farm genre and is a unique game to play and enjoy.


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How To install Angry Birds Go for Mac OS:

Currently Angry Bird is available on Android and iOS platforms and you need an Android enabled phone or an iPhone. But, what if you want to play this game on your Mac computer and not on any of these Android or iOS devices. To be able to do so follow these steps,

  1. Download and install Bluestacks. Bluestacks is the best Android emulator which creates an Android based environment on you Mackintosh computer.
  2. This allows you to install and operate Android based applications and games on your Mac device. Once Bluestacks is installed, download and install the app for Angry Birds.
  3. Alternatively you can install it directly by downloading its APK file or search for the Angry Birds app file from the search box of Bluestacks. These steps will enable you to enjoy this amazing game even from your Mac without having to buy an Android phone or an iPhone.

While installing the apps for Bluestacks and Angry Birds, ensure that your computer has sufficient RAM and a fast processor. Also, ensure that you have a fast internet connection.

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