Kingdom Rush For Mac

Kingdom Rush is a brilliant strategic game from Ironhide Game Studio. The latest in the series of this tower defense game is Kingdom Rush Origins which is the third in this series. The game-play involves tower defence and is a highly addictive and amazing strategic game which will keep you hooked for hours. Kingdom Rush Origin is a further improvement upon the already amazing previous versions of the game. The graphics, animation and the sound quality are truly remarkable and the story-line is pretty well set. There are several new features and enhancements in this version of the game over the previous versions.


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Features of Kingdom Rush Android Game

The game sets a fixed path for the games instead of any open field which is generally featured in such games. The towers are to be fixed on specific emplacement. The towers are constructed by spending the gold which is allocated to you at the beginning of the game and also you earn it while playing and crossing different levels. To begin with, you are allocated enough gold to build few towers. The towers can have single as well as multiple entrances. Selecting the number of entrances depends upon your game strategy. You have specific number of lives which get reduced as more enemies enter the tower. There are four types of towers and you can have combination of them while playing.

The game includes heroes which help you fight the enemies and defend the towers. There are nine types of heroes who help with your defenses. You can upgrade the heroes and the towers to defend yourself better by using the gold which you accumulate while you play. The various defense towers include elf archers, stone druids, elven infantry and mystic images. The elven infantry are at the forefront of the defense and help to slow down the enemies. The other towers then can be used to launch an attack on your enemies. Elf archer tower has one archer to begin with, however you can upgrade it to three archers and you can also upgrade the arrows to include burst shots and sleep poison. While playing the game, the strengths of the towers can be upgraded and this helps you to defend against your enemies in a better manner.

The 9 different heroes can also be upgraded during the game-play and include 5 different abilities which can be upgraded. Determining what type of the upgrades need to be done is critical to ensure fighting efficiently against the enemies. The game sound is of high quality and mesmerizes the gamer. The graphics and the animation are also of superior quality and therefore make playing this game a truly great experience.


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How To Play Kingdom Rush Android Game On Your Mac:

While the game is currently available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, it is quite possible to play this game on your Mac computer if you follow a simple process.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks Android app Emulator. It is of the best Android emulators.
  2. Once Bluestacks is installed, download and install the Kingdom Rush application.
  3. You can search for the application file using the search box of the game or by directly downloading and installing the APK file of the application.

This easy process allows you to access the game directly from your Mac computer. But before you implement these steps, ensure that your computer is equipped with sufficient RAM and a good enough processor. Also, you need to have a fast internet connection.

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