94% For Mac – Download For Free

94% is a fun filled trivia game which helps in enhancing your common sense and thinking abilities. If you like playing trivia games like the ‘Family Feud’ with your friends and family, 94% is a perfect game. The game is specifically designed to test your innate ability to guess the right answers based on your experience and common sense. The game is truly amazing as it makes you think and contemplate before you answer a question. The game is developed by Scimob, who it seems are obsessed with the number 94, since their apps are 94%, 94 Degrees and 94 Seconds.


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Features of 94% Application

Spend your quality time with 94% and it will keep you hooked up for hours. The game is not only fun but also increase your knowledge and your ability to think, to be creative and analyse. The best way for the family and the friends to spend time together. You need to download and install the game, which is a simple process. Once you begin playing the game, you straightaway enter the first level of the game and can start playing it right away without having to configure anything. The game does not have a tutorial, but the interface is so intuitive and easy to understand and use that you will not require a tutorial to learn to play the game.

The game at each level asks you certain specific questions. The questions are displayed in the form of two texts and one image. You have to guess the nearest answer to the question based upon your general knowledge, experience and understanding. Once you start giving the answers, a certain percentage is assigned to each answer option and the objective is to find the top 94% of the answer.

In the instance you get stuck and cannot find an answer, you can spend a few coins and can buy hint from the ‘Letter Joker’, who will display the first letter of the answer and the rest of the letters of the answer are displayed in a jumble manner. If you are willing to spend $3, you can buy the premium pack and get unlimited access to the ‘Letter Joker’. It will also eliminate advertisement. The game has brilliant animation and design which makes the experience of playing this game amazing. The game has 100 levels and each level has 3 questions.


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How to Install 94% Application for MAC OS

Currently, 94% game is available for Android platform. You are therefore needed to have an Android enabled device to be able to play this game. However, if you own a Mackintosh computer and want to play this amazing game from your Mac, a few simple steps can do the trick for you.

  1. You first need to download Bluestacks. It is the finest Android emulator and creates an environment similar to Android operating system on you Mac computer. This makes your Mac compatible for the 94% game app.
  2. Once it is downloaded, install on your MAC.
  3. Next you can either use the search box of Bluestacks and search for 94% app or simply search for the APK file for 94% app and download it.

Install 94% on your Mac computer. This constitutes the entire process and lets you play this amazing game from your Mackintosh. However, before you begin, please ensure that your computer has sufficient RAM and physical memory. Also the processor is good enough to support these apps. You also need to have a fast internet connection to download these apps and receive the updates for them in future.

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