Sonic Dash For Mac – Download It For Free

The game of wits and control, Sonic Dash is truly a marvelous game. It is an endless runner game which belongs into the realm of speed, accuracy, judgement and split second decision making. This game is truly addictive since it is endless and yet so exciting. You have to help Sonic to keep racing ahead and dodge the many obstacles which will come in his path. The graphics of the game are splendid and inspire awe. The characters are neatly crafted and the objects, tracks and the overall ambiance is indeed brilliant. The animation is top quality in 3D and is meticulously designed.

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Features of Sonic Dash for Mac

The background music is stunning and will take you into a state of trance. Keep moving ahead and dodge the enemies, roadblocks, pits, rocks and several other hazardous objects. The simple game-play is to avoid these hurdles and keep advancing. Along the way collect the rings which can be used to purchase more advanced features and items. If you get trapped once, you lose the rings, however if trapped a second time, you lose the game and have to begin once again. So be careful since it is a game of wits and accuracy. You will find several hurdles suddenly and have to make fast adjustments. You need to avoid the enemies from killing you, roll down the path to beat your enemies like rolling pins and revolve around rocks and pillars.

The game controls are simple. You need to swipe up to jump up, swipe down to perform the roll and swipe right to move to the right and swipe left to move to the left. If you are on the far end, swipe twice to move to the other end. The character of Sonic is swift and moves efficiently. He cannot make a mistake, only you can! To enjoy this game, you need to have either an iPhone or an Android device since the game is currently for iOS and Android operating systems. To be able to play it on your Mackintosh device you need to follow a few simple steps, which are easy by the way!

sonic dash

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How to Play Sonic Dash Android Game on Mac:

To begin with, download an Android emulator. An Android emulator is an application which installs an environment similar to an Android operating system on your computer. Bluestacks is the best Android emulator you can locate over the internet.

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it!
  2. Once you have done this, find the application file for Sonic Dash or use the search tool of Bluestacks to download the app file of the game.
  3. You can either download the APK file of Sonic Dash Android Game from any third party site. Once you have followed these simple steps, you can boost to your friends that you can play this amazing game even from your Mackintosh computer!

This however, has certain prerequisites. The Bluestacks and the game apps require a significant amount of system resources. Hence, it is important that your computer is capable enough to operate these two applications. There should be sufficient RAM, system memory, physical memory and a fast internet connection. The system resources are critical to efficiently run the applications and for you to enjoy the game. The internet speed is crucial since you have to download Bluestacks and Sonic Dash applications and also to receive further updates for these two apps. Once these resources are in place, just keep moving forward in the track, collecting the coins and dodging the enemies and the hurdles!

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