Download SHAREit for Mac

SHAREit from Lenovo is an amazing file sharing app. You can use this application to transfer files between your Windows personal computer, your Android devices and iPhones. The application is a high speed data sharing tool which transfers files at a much faster rate than any other medium. The application uses Lenovo’s WIFI Direct feature for transferring the files between devices. The application is brilliant and once you start using it, you will never use any other application or Bluetooth connection to share files between devices which are in physical proximity. The software makes it very easy to sharing of data between devices and works much faster than any other mode of data transfer.


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Features of SHAREit Android Application:

Use this app for data transfer and you will not have to pay for any network charges anymore. Also you do not have to locate a WIFI connection for transferring the files between devices. All you have to do is to install the application on all the devices from and to which you want to transfer the files. You do not have to worry about any cabled or wireless connection to connect your Windows PC, Android devices and iPhones. The WIFI Direct option does it all for you and you can share anything, your pictures, files, videos, music, contacts and in case of Android, even applications!

The devices which have the application installed on them automatically detect each other when they are in the same vicinity. Once the devices detect each other, you can instantaneously transfer the files between them without any hassles. You can even share huge video files which can be transferred at a rate which is even 60 times higher than the speed of data transfer of Bluetooth. You can do all this without having to spend anything on data charges or without switching on your Bluetooth or even using a WIFI connection.

The application has a very simple interface and is very easy to install and operate. Once the application has been installed on all the devices among which you want to transfer the data, these devices can locate one another when within range. Next, you need to click on send on the device from which you want to transfer the data and receive on the device on which you want to receive data.


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How to Install SHAREit Android Application on Mac OS

The application is currently available only for Windows, Android and iOS. However, what if you want to use it on your Macbook or other Mackintosh computer? Simply follow a few steps and the app will be accessible from your Mac computer.

  1. Download Bluestacks, the best Android emulator. Install Bluestacks on your Mac device.
  2. Using the search box of Bluestacks, search for the app file for SHAREit.
  3. You can also search for the APK file for SHAREit and download it. Install SHAREit on your computer.

Once installed, you can access the application right from your Mac computer! A few easy steps and the app can be used from your Mac.

While installing the Bluestacks and SHAREit apps, please ensure that your computer is well equipped to allow smooth functioning of these two applications since these require a large amount of system resources. Please ensure to have sufficient RAM, memory and processor. You also need a fast internet connection to download the two apps and receive regular updates for the applications.

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